6 Days Umbwe Route Trek

This Umbwe path has a well-earned status of being the most difficult way on Mount Kilimanjaro. Impending from the south, the Umbwe path is a short, distance route which is vertical and direct hike. After arriving at Barranco Camp, the path follows the southern circuit to the Peak. The decline is done through the Mweka way. Main reason that Umbwe course considered to be very hard is its sharpness in the first two days and its short time of adjustment. This road is attempted by strong trekkers who are also poised of their ability to adapt to height.



Day 1: Umbwe Gate – Umbwe Camp

Altitude: 5,249 ft to 9,514 ft
Distance: 11 km
Trekking Time: 5-7 hours
Habitation: Heath
Having breakfast at your lodge/hotel, the day starts with a drive to Machame Entrance where all the paperwork for registration will be done. Following the accomplishment of all procedures we will then continue to drive to Kilimanjaro National Park entry at Umbwe for starting the ascent. From this point the trek goes within the forest over a narrow ridge amidst Umbwe and Lonzo’s rivers arriving at Bivouac No. 1 (known as Forest Caves at 2850m – Camp and our overnight. Umbwe Camp which is will be perched between trees and thick vegetation.

Day 2: Forest Camp – Barranco Camp

Elevation: 9,514 ft. to 13,044 ft.
Distance: 6 km
Trekking Time: 4-5 hours
Habitation: Heath
This day our route keeps going on by following the ridge, then detached from the forest over open heaths up to Barranco Hut at 395m. The night will be at the camp of Barranco.

Day 3: Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp

Altitude: 13,044 ft to 13,106 ft
Distance: 5 km
Trekking Time: 4-5 hours
Habitation: Alpine Desert
After having scrumptious early morning breakfast, it is now time to master the Great Barranco Wall! Though it may seem hinting at first peep, climbers say that this Class 2 trek is typically much at ease than they expected. At the peak of the Wall, we will have a sight of Heim Glacier and will be above the hazes. The track then goes up and down in the Karanga Valley. This is a perfect climbing day for adaptation.

Day 4: Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp

Altitude: 13,106 ft to 15,331 ft
Distance: 4 km
Trekking Time: 4-5 hours
Habitation: Alpine Desert
Having eaten breakfast, we will move from Karanga Camp (3959m). The way crosses with the Mweka Way, which is the path used to derive on the final two days. As we proceed climbing for an hour, we will arrive at Barafu Hut. This is the final water point for the porters since there is no nearby water at Barafu Camp (4550m). The word “barafu” in Swahili language means “ice” and this camp is situated on a stony, open ridge. Tents will be open to wind and pillars so it is significant for climbers to familiarize themselves with the campsite before dark. Today the climbers will have an early dinner so that they can rest before the midnight wake up as we will be attempting the summit. Our guide will brief you in detail on how to get ready for summit night.

Day 5: Barafu Camp to Uhuru Peak to Mweka Camp

Altitude: 15,331 ft to 19,341 ft
Distance: 5 km
Trekking Time: 7-8 hours
Habitation: Arctic
This night our guide will wake up you about 23:30 for tea and snacks. After that will start your roof of Africa summit attempt. The way leads northwest and you will climb through the stone screen. For the duration of the slope, several climbers’ sense that this is the most mentally and physically puzzling part of the hike. In around 6 hours, you will arrive Stella Point (5685m), situated on the crater edge. After experience the superb sunrise, you will proceed arising for around 2 hours on a snow-covered path to Uhuru Summit (5895m). Conquering the roof of Africa the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro is a lifetime achievement! You will be capable to have a short time on the peak taking pictures and drinking tea before the decline to Barafu.
Getting at the camp, you will relax and have a hot lunch in the sun. After eating, you will proceed downhill to Mweka Hut (3100m).

Day 6: Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate

Altitude: 10,065 ft to 5,380 ft
Distance: 10 km
Trekking Time: 3-4 hours
Habitation: Rain Forest
Having a well-earned breakfast, you and our staff will have a big gala full of dancing and singing. It is right at this place of the mountain that you will be tipping your guide, assistant guides, chef(s), as well as porters. After celebrating, you will slope for 3-hours back to Mweka Entrance


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